Fans Trans
    Your Strategic Logistics Partner Reaching China

    With a domestic Market of 1.4 billion people. Its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) is widely expected to boost China's trading activities with other countries. China's WTO accession presents both opportunities and challenges to the business community. Exports are expected to rise by an additional 2.4 % per year over the first five years of accession, while the effect on imports could be higher. China presents increased opportunities and potential for Traders all over the worlds. Fans Trans understands the nuances of this complex country, providing the expertise, experience and established personal relationships you need to reach your Market.

    Why use Fans Trans to access China?

    * Fully integrated global logistics services
    * Consolidated shipments provide economical movement of cargo
    * Diversified strategic network of facilities at key gateways including:
      Hong Kong; Shenzhen; Macau; Zhuhai; Zhongshan; Guangzhou;
      Xiamen; Fuzhou; Ningbo; Suzhou; Hangzhou; Shanghai; Beijing;
      Tinjian; Qingdao; Dalian.
    * Detailed knowledge of China's unique infrastructure, regulatory
      environments, carriers, business culture and languages.
    * Expertise facilitating trade. Overcoming non-tariff barriers and
      realizing the vast potential of the Chinese market.